Lucia Tacchetti


Lucia Tacchetti was born in Bahia Blanca, Argentina. She gave her first steps in music studying piano at the local conservatory and after trying several instruments, she composed her first songs with a ukulele in 2013. In October of that year she was invited by Lisandro Aristimuño to be part of the project M.S.F.L. (which stands for Nonprofit Music), created by the Argentine composer.

In March 2014 she released her first two songs via YouTube Channel ‘Joy Weekend’, recorded live in an acoustic format, exceeding 700,000 views. In August of that year she was called by Sofar Sounds Buenos Aires for participating in the global movement which takes place in 100 cities around the world.

In early 2015 Lucia was selected from 12,000 people to participate in “Elegidos”, a TV program in Telefé which chooses the best singers in the country to participate in a contest.  Lucia was one of the favorite ones captivating the audience with her own songs.

In April 2015 she released ‘Feriado’, her first EP which clearly shows what Lucia is and what she is looking for. ‘Feriado ‘, which in Spanish means holidays, sounds and feels like a holiday and it is no coincidence, because the album was recorded in Alaska Mobile Studio during non-working days in February and March 2015. Her songs are like a light breeze with strokes of cello and ukele, full of fresh and nostalgic notes at the same time. ”Feriado” was second in the Bandcamp Argentina ranking of most listened songs for 3 consecutive weeks.

In July 2015 she had two sold-out performances in Room B of Ciudad Cultural Konex and in September she sang in the offices of Google Argentina. In December last year she presented ‘A Forest in the City’, a new show at the Margarita Xirgu Theatre in Buenos Aires; closing the 2015 with a very successful performance at the Don Bosco Theatre in Bahia Blanca.

In April 2016 Lucia performed at NüN  Teatro Bar and later traveled to Mexico for her first international tour at three different venues  in Riviera Maya.

One of Lucia´s most captivating qualities is that there are no pretentious elements in her music; the simplicity of the ukulele mixed with her sincere and intimate autobiographic lyrics have been a perfect combination which has led her into an increasingly competitive scene. Lucia’s proposal is solid, her music reflects roads and landscape, and her melodies invite you to let go.

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